Australia – Skilled Migration Visa

Migrating through Australia with a skilled immigration visa is a two-step procedure :
• Submit an online application for a skilled immigration visa.
• Your application is assessed and awarded points based on your age, skill, and qualification.
• And, then the visa is granted if you qualify for the visa.
You will only be assessed under the Australia immigration Points calculator. You have to score at least 60 points to migrate to Australia.
Subclasses for Skilled Migration:
- Skilled independent visa (subclass 189)
- Skilled nominated visa (subclass190)
- Skilled Nominated or sponsored visa (subclass 489)
- Skilled regional visa(subclass 887)

Australian PR Visa

A foreigner can become a resident of Australia by applying for a PR visa, that allows you to remain in Australia permanently. Visa holders can enter and leave the country anytime without any restriction for a period of 5 years.

SC 189 skilled independent visa

Under SC 189 skilled independent visa candidates are selected on the basis of their skills, which are required in Australia, and also based on the points that they have earned.

SC 190 skilled state/territory nominated visa

Under SC 190 skilled state/territory nominated visa the candidate is selected by the Australian territory, state, or by the government agency.

SC 489 skilled regional sponsored / eligible relative sponsored visa

This visa allows the applicant to get nominated by an Australian state government agency sponsored by an eligible relative living in Australia for more than 4 years.

Why is the points system used?

The point system is used by the Australian government & agencies to decide whether the candidate is eligible to migrate to Australia through above mention visas or not. The candidate's eligibility is determined by the Australian migration points calculator for the visas. Factors like age, language, education, etc. play an important role in determining the candidate's application for the visa.