Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nominee Program allows individuals and families to settle down in a province or territory based on criteria that are set by the province. Provinces have different populations and economies in their immigration program. Programs are unique and built to fit economic and population-based needs. To become a provincial nominee, the applicants must meet the following criteria -skills, education, work experience.
Follow this step-by-step instruction to apply for your PNP:
- Find out your eligibility.
- After your provincial nominee program application is complete, then submit your application to the province or territory.
- Receive your provincial nominated certificate.
- Submit your permanent residence application.
Once the applicant's application is approved at the provincial level then a person can apply to the federal level.

Following are the provincial nominee programs

1) Albert PNP

2) British Columbia PNP

3) Manitoba PNP

4) Newfoundland PNP

5) Nova Scotia PNP

6) Yukon PNP

7) Prince Edward PNP

8) New Brunswick PNP

9) Northwest Territories PNP