Canada – Express Entry System

The Canada express entry program is a points-based immigration program for professionals looking to settle down in Canada. Express entry is used to process the majority of the Canadian application for skilled and qualified workers who want to come and work in Canada. The express entry program has streamlined immigration for professionals and made the process made easier. The program applies only to the federal skilled trader's program, the federal skilled worker's program, the Canadian experience class Immigration program. The Canada express entry program relies on a point-based system to evaluate applicants; Age, the highest level of education, online registration CAD: 300 non-refundable, language skills, Canadian work experience, other work experience, skill transferability and other factors.

Steps to apply for the express entry program

Following are the reasons why it is great considering immigrating to Canada :

1) Create your express entry profile

2) Complete your ECA

3) Complete language ability test

4) Calculate your CRS score

5) Get your invitation to apply