Family class visa

This program is specially designed for families to come together. Most immigrant programs allow families to apply along with the main applicant. Hence, this program was mainly implemented for the families who were not able to apply during the immigration of the main applicant. Similar information should be provided for your partner as for the principal applicant on the visa application form. Your spouse and children can also be included in your visa application.

Parents and Grandparents

A Canadian residence in whatever capacity a citizen, a permanent resident or a temporary resident can sponsor his/her parents or grandparents for a Canadian PR.

Super Visa

This is a visa that allows the applicant to be with their children and grandchildren for a time period of 2 years. It is a multiple visa valid for 10 years of time( temporary visa ). The applicant will require a letter of invitation to their children and grandchildren. The invite needs to be provided by a temporary /permanent resident of Canada or a citizen of Canada. One should obtain medical insurance for their parents and grandparents. If the applicant changes mind and wants to live permanently in Canada they can convert their visa into a permanent one.


If a foreigner wants to support their parents and grandparents to enter Canada as a permanent citizen then he/she have to co-sign sponsorship agreement with their parents and grandparents:
- That foreigner will provide them with financial support if necessary such as if they become unemployed for a period of between 3 to 10 years.
- That their parents, grandparents will take all reasonable measures to support themselves financially.